About Robert

Robert’s Profile

Full Name: Robert Alan Lambert

Date of Birth: 5th April 1998

Place of Birth: Norwich, England

Height: 5` 4” – 1.6m

Eye: Colour Brown

Job: Professional Speedway Rider

Clubs: Klub Sportowy Apator Toruń (Poland), Lejonen Gislaved (Sweden)

Favourite Food: Fillet Steak, Pasta & Salads

Favourite Colour/s: Red, White & Blue

First Started Speedway: 2008 gained 250 Licence. First 2nd half meeting at Eastbourne

Best Meeting: Winning title of European Champion 2020

Favourite Track: King’s Lynn, England

Biggest Success: Becoming the European Champion in 2020 and by this qualifying to Speedway Grand Prix Series

Ambition: To become a World Champion