2016 Season

Season 2016 – What a eventful year

The 2016 season has been another great year for Robert Lambert, He rode in 4 different Teams in 3 different Countries. Robert did not change his team in the Elite League, and stayed with the Kings Lynn Stars for a third consecutive year. In his second year in the Premier League he decided to make a change and agreed to ride for Newcastle, to which have been the best he could have possibly have ever made he said.

“They have made me feel very welcome we didn’t have to ask for anything, they planned everything before we could think of it and if there was ever any problems we just spoke to them and we found the solution together. They just treated me like one of there family.”

Robert had his first season in Sweden with Masana, even though he only rode in four meetings for them it has been a huge pleasure for him to be part of the team and to be able to touch the water in a high league like that.

“It was a completely different experience compared to England Sweden have a squad team, so it is not certain you will be riding each week, but I am happy they gave me some chances to prove myself and to see where I am. In those four meetings I learnt a lot and improved, even if it wasn’t a good meeting for me.”

He only rode in one meeting for his club in Germany, he really love to ride for the DMV White Tigers.

I found it really upsetting that I was unable to take part in all the meetings for my club in Germany, due to the fact that my Premier League team and my team in Germany both raced on a Sunday. I learnt so much in this Country and it is really upsetting because they don’t do many meetings like England and Poland. I only wish that the promoters, riders and the Federation could work together as I am sure they could make Speedway even more popular.”

Robert was given the opportunity at Kings Lynn to ride in the GP qualifier, but due to bike problems he was unable to qualify, but he was given a wild card. In Lonigo, Italy he then qualified into the final of the GP challenge. Sadly that day did not go very well in Sweden.

“I was so happy to have been given the wild card to go into the next round in Italy. To be honest I was not disappointed that I didn’t qualify for the GP’s as I didn’t feel ready for it, but I wanted to take the opportunity to experience the different stages of Speedway. I had very mixed emotions on that day, I was sad and mad with myself of how I done in the final. It was a great experience for me but really I am just not ready at this stage of Speedway and I know what I need to change, I need to be more professional and this is one of my goals in 2017. I always want to win, even when I do win I know in my mind that there is still a lot I need to learn and need to change things. I think this is one of the most important thing, you can be very angry with yourself, but you still need to be able to focus and know what to do to make the most out of it, even if you loose it can still have advantages.”

The British Under 21 Championship was dejavue for Robert. He scored a maximum and was unbeaten, exactly like last year only to then come second in the final.

“I never win, seriously I only get second always. That need to change for next year. – What wasn’t this year, will be next year.”

Robert participated for the first time in his career in the British Championship and come 3rd.

“I am happy I was able to achieve a third place in the British Championship in my first year, which was a great experience, I will do everything to be better than in 2016”

For the second time in Roberts career he rode for Great Britain in the World Cup. Even Robert was not happy about how he done, it was the first time in ten years Team GB stood on the podium.

“I was so sad and happy at the same time. Happy for the team and Country and sad of how I done. I know I can be better but I really rode my heart out and it just wasn’t enough. Yet I learned out of it and you need downs to come up again. I hope I’ll get the chance in 2017 again to represent Great Britain.”

In the World Under 21 qualifier at Belle Vue the riders had the worst conditions they could have possibly ever had, first practice got cancelled due to bad weather conditions and as soon as the meeting started it started to rain. After each rider had three heats the meeting got abandoned. Robert got 2,3,1 and ended 5th place, which meant he didn’t qualify.

“I was sad about myself of how I done, I knew I could of done better. I do not think it was the right way to abandon an important meeting like that, they could of re-staged the meeting the next day, so at least each rider could have had the chance to have four heats.”

Nevertheless Robert got a wild card for the World Under 21 championship and was able to climb to the top. His first goal wasn’t to win, but to be in the top 8. The first round was at Kings Lynn and he rode really well and obtained a 2nd place, to which he was so happy to achieve a podium. Even though there was a long time between the first and second round. Robert was happy to go with 100% to Pardubice in Czech. The Norfolk born was able to reach the Semi-final and to score 11 points which mean he was equal Championship leader with Max Fricke with 30 point. 2 weeks later the third round took place in Gdansk, Poland. He was leading, even if it was an equal lead, he wanted to win the whole thing.

“I never thought I would be able to come that far in my first year in the Under 21World Championship.”

Sadly the meeting did not start how he imagined it to be, with a last and a second and a last again, he know he would not be able to clime on the podium and all the other riders have been outstanding. Robert only collected 7 points. So the meeting was over for him, however what he did not know was he had finished on the same points as Jack Holder, and a race off was needed to decide who would come 3rd in the World Under 21s. In the race off Robert rode his heart out against Jack and won, even though Robert had gained 3rd he knows it was so clear.

“I nearly got changed after my last race as my team told me there might be a race off. I thought it would be a race off for 5th or 6th place, but when I knew it was for 3rd I gave everything I had and it felt so good.

I want to win this championship next year!!”